09/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bring the Corpses Down from our Lamp Posts!

In the dark old days, bloodthirsty despots hung or staked the corpses of political prisoners and vanquished enemies in the city square as a brutal warning of their power.

Is that process continued today? Sort of. Leave it to the Germans to update the practice and then bring it to streets of Los Angeles.

Today, if you drive down any random street in L.A., you are treated to gory photos of corpses ten feet tall hanging from every street lamp. Welcome to the advertising campaign of Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds.

I don't know what I would do everyday if I wasn't forced to look at a dead human being that had been plasticized and arranged in a gymnastic pose. It certainly eliminates the need for my previous daily visit to the morgue. Lucky, lucky day.

Seriously, though, I am not going comment here on the freak-show morality of Body Worlds. I guess I'm just a prude when it comes to corpses.

What would be the point of criticizing a display of corpses configured for our amusement? If it is legal, somebody will always give the people what they want and the same folks that enjoy the mock violence and simulated brutality of horror movies will enjoy this voyeuristic and titillating look at dead humans beings. What's next? I bet that there are those out there who can't wait for the XXX-rated version of Body Worlds where corpses are shown in sexual positions.

I'm sure that I've offended some Body Worlds fanatics out there but I won't say I'm sorry because I think it's a little sick to play with dead bodies unless you're a mortician or training to become a doctor. While I think that some sort of public action is warranted, for now, I am begging our civic leaders to ---

Please, please, please -


Citizens should ask that the public advertisements of Body Worlds which depict real corpses be taken down. We should ask why our Cities agreed to sell ad space with such indiscretion. Regardless of this administration's stance on torture, we are not living in the Stone Age.

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