11/21/2007 11:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Food Insecurity?

This Thanksgiving some of us have more to be thankful for than others.
The millions -- yes, millions -- of Americans who go hungry everyday
(most being children) must be overwhelmed with gratitude towards our
beloved government. Why? Because the geniuses whose job it is to
pervert and redefine reality have come up with one of the most cynical
and heartless redefinitions since Eric Blair wrote his often-quoted
novel 1948. The word "hunger" has been thrown down the memory
hole. Now, if a child and his or her family goes hungry, they are,
according to their government, not hungry but -- get this -- "food

These soulless operatives, at the behest of their "superiors", rape
and pillage the dictionary to obfuscate how little they care for our
nation's most vulnerable and helpless: hungry children!

Many of these renaming attempts are patently ridiculous. But to
lessen the Hobbesian barbarity of this administration's perpetual
"war" on the disenfranchised is amongst its lowest and most loathsome
rewriting of history and the truth.

Again, one must ask: What would Jesus do? Happy Thanksgiving?