05/24/2005 10:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Proving Yet Again that Alabama Needs Better Schools

So Spencer Bacchus, GOP congressman from Alabama, thinks that Bill Maher has committed treason?

As the situation in Iraq grows increasingly chaotic, American conservatives grow proportionately hysterical about dissenting speech at home.

"I don't want [Maher] prosecuted," Bacchus said. "I just want him off the air."

Yes...because any unflattering commentary on the war in Iraq should be suppressed. How long until Bacchus joins the conservative groundswell to have the FCC regulate cable television?

A more thoughtful conservative, Michael Knox Beran, writes in National Review Online about why American conservatives "have failed to criticize" American mistakes in Iraq. Conservatives, he writes, should not "fancy themselves immune from the intellectual stultification that has overwhelmed other orthodoxies during a spell of power."

Congressman Bacchus, you might want to take a look.