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Richard Bromfield, Ph.D.
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Avoiding the Last Minute Holiday Crazies

(4) Comments | Posted December 9, 2011 | 1:40 PM

Falling snow. Hot chocolate. Good cheer to all.

The winter holidays bring out a lot of good in people. It also brings out a lot of crazy, especially when it comes to last-minute holiday shopping. How many shopping bags can one desperate parent carry? Today's parents are...

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Nurturing the Self of the Child with Asperger's

(10) Comments | Posted June 18, 2011 | 12:32 PM

Who is this child? Who is this student?

If I tell you that he has a 125 IQ, do you know him?  How about if I add that he has a unique neuropsychological profile, with wide-ranging strengths and weaknesses? Do you sense that you know him when I say that he...

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Asperger's, Children and Some Unconventional Wisdom

(12) Comments | Posted June 11, 2011 | 11:51 AM

The researcher Simon Baron-Cohen's declaration that "[i]t has never been a better time to have autism" (The Independent, Jan. 21, 2007) strikes many of us as ironic. But then we know what it means: it is a promising and exciting moment in the field. Who can predict what wonders will...

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Unspoiling Your Child

(96) Comments | Posted February 12, 2011 | 11:03 AM

A vast majority of parents -- 94 percent, according to a recent survey -- judge their children to be spoiled. Other surveys show that almost as many parents see today's consumerism as a significant deterrent to their best attempts to raise children with good values and strong character. The top...

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