11/08/2011 04:24 pm ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

Mr. President, You're On Your Own

In 2008, millions of people saw the presidential election as a matter of crisis and principle. Deep into two wars and debt rising, Barack Obama was a new voice, stunning in his eloquence and a stark and welcome contrast to the aging McCain and the Crazy Lady from Alaska. Small contributions flooded in to the Obama campaign through the internet as genuine hope for change defined the contest.

This time around, as election season approaches, there's something different in the air. At least there is for this participant in the process. In 2008, as a Senior Citizen with a fixed income and a budget, I gave more than was sensible for me to the Obama campaign. It was a compromise. Not so many meals out, fewer trips to see relatives and friends, smaller gifts for Christmas.

This time, though, the President is on his own. He's running as the incumbent. According to Politico and the Huffington Post, he's got big money, even lobbying money according to the Times. In other words, he's not hurting for cash. He has a war chest.

But on this end, thanks to the European debt crisis and utter stupidity in Congress (thanks Norville), the country and its people are suffering big time. Here, in the country where we live, it's the food pantry that needs our money. It's people who can't heat their homes, kids without warm coats to wear to school. I have a neighbor who teaches first grade who has to buy books and supplies for her thirty-two kids. And she has two kids of her own and a husband working two jobs.

So, My President, sorry to say, you're on your own this time, and I wish you well. I hope you're re-elected, I really do. You've done a good job, except maybe not getting tough with Congress soon enough. Fortunately for you, the Republicans are making fools of themselves and have no one of quality to offer or any policies that make sense.

As for us. I'm sending out a check to the local food pantry tomorrow and, please, DNC, don't call anymore, especially at dinner time.