06/11/2014 07:56 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2014

5 Thoughts From a Loving Father

My daughter celebrates her 19th birthday next week. I can fix her car. I can de-frag her computer... but I can't protect her from disappointment.

These are the thoughts I can offer her as she heads toward the rest of her life.

1. Every break of your heart teaches you something about yourself. Every difficult thing that happens creates an opportunity to improve your situation.

2. Sometimes things just don't work out. It's natural. It happens. You're not alone. And often things do work out -- just not necessarily on your schedule

3. There are "other fish in the sea" -- whether they're other jobs, other friends, or significant others -- and that despite how crappy you feel, everyone can relate and you are not the only person to ever feel the pain of rejection.

4. It's fine to feel your hurt, but it's also important to get back to your life as quickly as you can. Pity is not a commodity much valued in our family, or by others.

5. Listen to the people who love you and refill your heart with their love. Trust your goodness.

Happy Birthday to you -- Happy Father's Day to me.