The Best Magazine Cover of The Campaign -- for Obama

07/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Talk about bursting the bubble.

Talk about identifying the "elephant in the room."

This is, perhaps, the best campaign ad that the Obama campaign could ever have hoped for, or even designed themselves. It's brilliant strategy.

Take all of the negative whispers, about Obama being a Muslim, a Jihadist, a lover of Osama bin Laden, about Michelle hating America -- take all of them and put them out there, on the cover, in public, so that serious discussion can happen, these urban legends can be "Snoped" and these toxic boils can be lanced!

No substantive debate can take place in the choosing of our next leader as long as myth, fear, misrepresentation and cancerous, viral emails dominate the psyches of so many million voters.

If Barack Obama is a Muslim, is a Jihadist, is a lover of Osama bin Laden, let's have that discussion, fully, and then move on. If Michelle really does hate America, let's get that out of the way as well. It's still only July. Let's fully deal with this now and devote the next 3 and 1/2 months to serious dialogue.

In communication theory and crisis management it is always best to candidly tie these issues up one's self, be straightforward, cover all of the accusations and potential negatives and move on. This rips the rug out from under any legitimate opposition.

So, congratulations to the New Yorker. This goes beyond satire. It is a true public service, it helps America move forward and paves the way for sane, rational debates about the future of our great country.