Where Are We - GROUP A or GROUP B?

09/26/2010 06:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Consider this - On a matter of social politics involving human rights, freedom and individual behavior, which group of nations, A or B, would you think the United States belongs in?

GROUP A: United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Albania, Malta, Romania, Russia, Canada, Bermuda, Uruguay, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia.

GROUP B: North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Yemen, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, Jamaica, Cuba, Serbia.

It takes quite a stretch, don't you think, to keep the United States out of GROUP A? After all, that's where all the enlightened western democracies are while GROUP B, with the exception of Greece, doesn't have a true western democracy, not a single member with a society that reflects what we usually think of as our traditional values. Yet, that's exactly where we are - allied not with GROUP A, but with the member nations of GROUP B. Why?

You see, GROUP B is a list of nations where homosexuals are prohibited from serving in the military while GROUP A is a list of nations that allow both gay men and lesbians to serve openly.

I cannot say what social factors make for a strong military. But, if homosexuals somehow harmed military effectiveness, how can you explain that the nations in GROUP B - where there are no homosexuals in the military - don't have a single army, air force or navy to strike fear in the heart of anyone, while the nations in GROUP A - where homosexuals serve openly - include the mightiest, most efficient and most frightening fighting forces in the world? If homosexuals hurt military readiness or damaged unit cohesion, or in some other way lessened the effectiveness of an army, air force or navy, wouldn't countries like Israel, Russia and all the nations of NATO have discovered this by now and taken steps to correct it by changing their policy to ban gays and lesbians?

And how is it possible that 70 million American voters cast their ballots for a President who declared he would put an end to sexual politics in our military, but hasn't? President Harry Truman, more than 60 years ago, didn't pay attention to Pentagon polls that showed only 6% of the all-white US military would welcome segregated Negro units into a unified service. And Truman didn't ask his Generals for their "opinions." President Truman knew right from wrong. In his capacity as Commander-In-Chief he desegregated the world's most successful and most powerful military organization in history, the very army and navy that had just saved the world from tyranny. That was, in its time, change everyone could believe in. We haven't seen anything like it recently.