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"Yes, I Love Paying Taxes"

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Tea Party protesters are gathering at anti-tax rallies nationwide.

But not everybody is angry about tax day.

In a USA Today op-ed, I argue that paying one's "fair share" of taxes is patriotic and pro-business.


"I secretly love the ritual. And deep in my bones, that place that speaks my mind, I am proud and glad to pay my income taxes."

It's a love letter to taxation. More importantly, let us challenge Conservatives' bellicose voice, since it is sucking out all of the oxygen from national "debates."

The Op-Ed has sparked quite an uproar! Including the usual unbacked accusations: "socialist," "elitist," "hypocrite," etc. (So far, it is that paper's most controversial opinion of the week.)

The only remotely thoughtful response comes from Time magazine's Brad Tuttle. Tuttle marvels at my ominous name, likening me to a "dark" Richie Rich!

In seriousness, however, this tender moment in history begs our collective support. Two global wars, a sour recession, millions of fellow citizens in economic turmoil: If ever there were a time Uncle Sam needed us to step up to the plate, it is now.

That's why the Tea Party movement, with its churlish anti-government slogans and deadbeat timing, strikes me as so unpatriotic.

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