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Dr. Richard Palmquist

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11 Health Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Posted: 08/11/2010 7:00 am

Veterinary medicine care is becoming more and more sophisticated. Often columns such as this one concentrate on the newest drug or latest surgical advance. Things like pacemakers, kidney transplants, and stem cell therapy are amazing. They mark the progress of our ability in veterinary medicine to help more patients for longer periods of time, but advanced care can be an expensive, although worthwhile, endeavor. While it is neat to be able to help some of these serious illnesses, there are things that animal guardians can do which improve health and reduce disease likelihood, and if we know and do those things we can reduce our expenses while still keeping our quality of veterinary care high.

Best Ways To Save At The Vet!
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Proper Diet
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Each week we are learning more and more about the positive effects of properly used nutrition. In many situations dogs and cats may be eating better than their owners and the increased awareness by consumers is changing the marketplace. Shelves of supermarkets and specialty pet stores abound with excellent diets. Feeding raw and fresh foods along with a good quality commercial diet is an excellent way to find a balance for your pet's nutritional needs and helps reduce trash volume for our cities. Since no two pets are the same, your veterinarian or a board certified veterinary nutritionist can help you make good choices about your pet's specific dietary needs.
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A good veterinary insurance policy can help save money or make more in-depth treatment possible, but you may be able to accomplish the same thing with a disciplined personal savings plan. This is a complex issue and consumers need to read policies and evaluate which company is best for their needs.

It takes hard work to be involved and engaged in your pet's care but by doing so the rewards are massive. Selecting veterinarians and other health care professions that are well informed, compassionate and willing to share information can change health care for everyone.

How do you create health and reduce disease in your animals? I'd love to hear your comments about veterinary insurance companies and stories that show amazing recoveries.


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