50 Things to Do for Your Career In 2009 (Part 1 of 2)

01/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In todays environment, it is not a surprise that many professionals feel stuck in a rut. But even in a recession, there is no shortage of things you can proactively do to help move your career forward, and improve your life through work. Here's a starter kit:

1) Take responsibility! For your finances, your relationships, your career direction and your life.

2) Offer random acts of support to 20 peers or subordinates with no expectations for return.

3) Deliver value to your employer in an area you weren't instructed to.

4) Get on Facebook (and other social media). Fast becoming a prerequisite for a successful career.

5) Write a career obituary. If your career turned out exactly the way you wanted, what would you have achieved?

6) Redefine success on personal terms. Is ultimate success defined as the corner office and more money, or real impact in an area you care about?

7) Spark! Think of 5 risk-free explorations into new activities or career directions.

8) Invest in yourself. How can you become more valuable by year end?

9) Talk openly to your spouse about your goals and aspirations.

10) Take a first step. Think big. Move realistically.

11) Redo your resume. Recharge your confidence from all you have achieved.

13) Dress for success. The more successful you look, the more successful you are perceived to be, or have the potential to become.

14) Express for success. Start acting like you have already been promoted.

15) Sweat (exercise) for success. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy career.

16) Start a blog. On your own, or get your employer to help.

17) Increase your savings. Lack of cash limits life options.

18) Get quoted. Its easier than you think.

19) Mentor someone younger who works in an area you have an interest.

20) Develop relationships with executive recruiters before you really need them.

21) Read Now, Discover Your Strengths.

22) Put your strengths to work. Find ways in your current role to leverage your newfound strengths on a daily basis.

24) Visualize your next two promotions. Are you really happy with where you are going?

25) Leverage your job to do something green. You may never be in a more influential position to impact the world than with the platform of your current role and company.

To be continued...