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Richard Stallman
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Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Movement (, a movement to give computer users control over their computing. To achieve this, he launched the development of the GNU operating system (, used by millions of people who mistakenly think it's "Linux". He supports other political causes through his personal site,

Blog Entries by Richard Stallman

How Egypt Can Help Libya

Posted February 26, 2011 | 11:39:00 (EST)

The Libyan people deserve help in their fight against Gaddafi's butchers, but direct U.S. or European military intervention would have several drawbacks. Western troops, not speaking Arabic, would make deadly mistakes. Even if successful, this intervention would diminish
the sense of local and Arab ownership of the revolt.


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Protect Your Friends -- Protect Julian Assange

Posted January 31, 2011 | 13:47:59 (EST)

After months of isolation and sleep deprivation — psychological torture — Bradley Manning probably no longer knows whether he was involved in leaking collateral murder video and various other scandalous documents. True or not, he is likely to confess to it, but what his captors really want is to get...

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