04/02/2006 09:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

April 3 News Update

President Bush meets with Mexican President Vincente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Whatshisname in Cancun during spring break. Very apt time and place since spring break was one of Bush's best subjects at Yale.

Fox not successful in effort to get US immigration policy outsourced to Mexico. You thought it already was?

Thousands demonstrate all over the country to protest against crackdown on illegal immigration. Another job American workers don't want to do. Good thing INS wasn't checking for green cards.

Bush replaces Chief of Staff Andy Card with OMB Director Joshua Bolten. Not so much a West Wing shake-up as a touch-up. Tired of all the Card "shuffling the deck" headlines? Just wait'll Treasury Secretary Snow gets shoveled out.

Real shake-up takes place in East Wing. Laura Bush fires pastry chef. Couldn't find desserts of mass construction.

SecState Condoleeza Rice acknowledges Bush Administration has made "tactical errors, a thousand of them, I am sure" in Iraq. And still counting.

Speaking of headlines, Hooter Airlines has stopped flying. Hooters Gone Bust?

Senate passes so-called lobbying reform. A provision to bar lobbyists from wearing Gucci shoes considered too harsh.

Super lobbyist Jack Abramoff gets minimum sentence in fraud case. Apparently hasn't lost his lobbying touch.

Conservative Republicans in Congress resisting reauthorization of Voting Rights Act. No calls yet for repeal of Emancipation Proclamation.

Negotiations over rebuilding World Trade Center break down in New York City. Iraq not the only post-9/11 quagmire.

Coyote caught in New York's Central Park dies in custody. PETA claiming police brutality.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell charged with punching out employee. Supermodel as superlightweight.

Easter Bunny booted out of City Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota, along with "Happy Easter" sign. And St. Paul to be re-named Mr. Fred.