09/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Aug. 17, 2009, News Update

President Obama on the hustings, pitching health care reform. Anybody catching?

Town hall meetings on health care reform....Debate or Debacle? Media make sure squeakiest wheels get the grease.

Meetings degenerate into melees. Do you have the right to shout "ire" in a crowded town hall?

"Nazis," "Death Panels, "Socialism"....Ah, the joys of civil discourse in a democracy....

Wonder how many of those screaming about government involvement in health care are on Medicare....

New York Times headline: "Obama Taking An Active Role in Health Talks." Now there's news for you. Imagine that: President taking active role in central issue of his presidency.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledges he hasn't read health care reform bill....That's assuming he can read.

Millions of dollars spent on TV ads about health care reform...See, government stimulus plan working....

New Jersey and New York City have own stimulus plans -- Jon Corzine and Michael Bloomberg re-election campaigns....

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez quits before end of term. Who does he think he is, Sarah Palin?

Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, Obama's replacement in Senate, says he won't run for the seat.... Perhaps because he's only raised $875 for election campaign?

Sen. James Webb goes to Myanamar, secures release of jailed American citizen. Take that, Bill Clinton.

Myanamar regime sentences opposition leader and Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to 18 months of house arrest for some invented reason or other. But she's allowed to watch state TV. Now that's cruel and unusual punishment. (At what point do we stop saying, "Myanamar, which used to be called Burma?" You don't hear people go around saying, "Burkina Faso, formerly known as Republic of Upper Volta").

Vanity Fair intern assigned to watch nothing but cable "news" for a week. That's beyond cruel and unusual. That borders on waterboarding.

Speaking of which, reports say Guantanamo detainee waterboarded 183 times. At what point do you think he figured out he wasn't really going to be drowned?

CNN bans talk radio hosts from being booked on its TV shows. Now if there were only some way to ban talk radio hosts from being on radio shows.

Various sponsors, including Geico, pull the plug on whatever it is that Glen Beck does on Fox. Means Beck backers spared obnoxious gekko but still left with obnoxious host.

Media frenzied when Hillary Clinton, on African tour, asked what "President Clinton" thought about Congo-China deal and bristled, "I'm the Secretary of State. I'm not channeling my husband." Way to go, Hil. It's your turf and you defend it. Media ought to spend more time investigating town hall disruptions.

Government program works. "Cash for Clunkers" so successful it's refinanced. Any way to apply similar program to Congress?

General Motors selling cars on E-Bay. Could that work for health care reform?

Yahoo and Microsoft forge deal to compete better against Google. If you want more information on deal, Google it.

New York Giants QB Eli Manning gets contract making him highest paid QB in NFL. Take that, big brother.

Michael Vick hired by Philadelphia Eagles. Who says a black ex-con can't get a job?

Soap opera Guiding Light to go off air. Couldn't pay electric bill in hard economic times?

Faux humorist Ben Stein loses New York Times column over alleged conflict of interest. Not to mention lack of interest in his inane commentary and terminally boring manner.

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