Aug. 31, 2009, News Update

10/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama on vacation, Congress in Recess. Sen. Ted Kennedy Dies... Not a good week for humor...

Jack Kennedy... Charismatic. Bobby Kennedy, inspirational. Teddy Kennedy, effective.

Teddy dies (not passes away, dies). End of a Dynasty, End of an Era, End of Liberalism? "The Dream shall never die."

Obama interrupts vacation to announce re-appointment of Ben Bernancke as head of the Fed. Surely you weren't expecting Paul Krugman?

Health Care Reform remains in limbo. Quick, what does health care reform mean in 25 words or less? Ay, there's the rub....

Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee, now talk show bloviator, says under Obama's health care plan, Ted Kennedy would have been told to 'take a pill and go home to die." Who does he think he is, Sarah Palin?

Rep. Sen. Chuck Grassley, considered key to bipartisan support for health care reform, has accepted almost $3Million in contributions from insurance and health care companies And you wonder why he's fighting it.

Ex-VP Dick Cheney defends Bush Administration torture policies. Yo, Dick, save it for the book.

Cheney also blasts Obama Administration for decision to investigate torture techniques under Bush Administration. If I were Cheney, I'd be nervous, too. It's way too late to be pardoned by George W. Bush.

Even John McCain rips Cheney's defense of torture. But what does he know?

Do you watch Fox Noise? Did you watch on Sunday? Did you see the Dick Cheney Show with Chris Wallace?

Rep. Congressman Lynn Jackson of Kansas, says GOP needs "Great White Hope" to run against Obama in 2012. Lady sure has a way with words.

Pundidiot Glen Beck loses up to 36 sponsors -and still counting-after calling Obama "racist" who hates white people. Too bad for him KKK doesn't have enough money to advertise.

Dem. Congressman Charlie Rangel, Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee (make that 'powerful" Ways and Means Committee") overlooks thousands of dollars in taxable assets. And this is the guy who has an important role in determining how much we all pay in taxes? And what does "ways and means" mean anyway?

US News & World Report rates Harvard, Princeton and Yale as top three universities in US. Duh.

Don Hewitt, founder of "60 Minutes," dies. "60 Minutes" devotes 60 minutes to Hewitt. Fitting tribute or self-indulgence?

Brett Favre signs with Minnesota Vikings. If that doesn't work out, he's thinking about playing with the local high school team.