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Dec. 13, 2010, News Update

DEC. 13, 2010, NEWS UPDATE

President Obama makes deal with Congressional Republicans to extend Bush tax cuts for another two years. The BUSH tax cuts, including major relief for millionaires and billionaires. BUSH cuts. Hate to ask this, Mr. President, but how's that hope-y change-y thing goin'?

New saying among House Democrats, We don't know if the Emperor has clothes, but it appears the President doesn't have b**ls.

White House trots out Bill Clinton to help sell tax deal. Sorry, sir, but the symbolism simply overwhelms whatever facts you try to muster. The symbolism is simply too grotesque. The symbolism of the mega-rich getting mega-tax-breaks while the deficit is soaring and the economy is still in the toilet. Not even Jesus could help you on this one, but he would probably have opposed the deal anyway.

Mr. President, you lost independents in the mid-term elections and the young voters of 2008 apparently stayed home. And now you've lost your base.....What was that you said about being a one-term President?

Good thing for you that Teddy's gone, or you might be a one-time candidate......

Charles Krauthammer and other conservative columnists claim tax deal assures Obama's re-election in 2012. Sure it does....just like George H.W. Bush's re-election was assured after he raised taxes following his "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" pledge.

Following mid-term elections, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announces immediate national agenda. Isn't that the President's job? Besides, Mitch, you don't even have a majority without a filibuster.

Resuming traditional role as the Party of No, Republicans rebuff efforts to change military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy. Apparently, there aren't enough gay millionaires in the military to care about it.

Some military leaders testify on Capitol Hill that it's not a good idea to end DADT during combat. Here's a novel idea------End the $%@$#+* combat!!!

Can anybody explain the Republicans' obsession with tax breaks for the rich and very rich and obscenely rich? Oh yeah, the cuts are supposed to spur investment and create jobs and blah, blah, blah.....So why did the country lose more than 600,000 jobs and why did the economy flirt with Depression during the Bush years following the Bush tax cuts?

Maybe the GOP is expecting that the money the rich save by not paying taxes will end up in Republican war chests in 2010.....

Osama Bin Laden still at large but they caught that WikiLeaks guy. Memo to US Government: If you decide to waterboard him, don't create any documents that could get leaked down the road.

Online columnist/satirist Andy Borowitz blogs that President Obama finally admits he's a Muslim to please Republicans. Major newspapers in Saudi Arabia print story as fact. Isn't that hilarious? Or, wait a minute....Maybe it's not so funny when you consider those are the guys who have us by the short hairs with their oil.

United States urges China to rein in North Korea. Which is like asking United States to rein in Israel.

Riots break out in Haiti over election results dispute. Riots break out in Ivory Coast over election registration dispute. Riots break out in Great Britain over university tuition raises. Ain't democracy grand?

Protesters even attack limousine taking Prince Charles and Camilla to theater. Royalty will now travel in Rolls Royce tanks.

More on Brett Favre (star of "As the NFL Turns")......His consecutive starting games streak ends after he suffers sprained right shoulder. Practiced all week throwing left-handed, but Vikings' Coach said that made him about as effective as Mark Sanchez.

New York Jets bury game ball--literally--following 45-3 drubbing by New England Patriots. Then lose next game, 10-6, to lowly Miami Dolphins as Antonio Holmes drops touchdown pass in end zone. Yo, Coach, maybe it ain't the ball.....

Baltimore Colts win Monday Night football game when Josh Fisher intercepts pass and runs it back for TD in overtime. Fisher said afterward God put him in position to make the pick. God apparently bet on the Ravens and the Over.

Surprise! Cameron Newton, Auburn Quarterback, wins Heisman Trophy. You suppose they gave him the one Reggie Bush returned?

Forget reports he and his father asked for a six-figure payoff if he went to Mississippi State......Forget that he transferred out of the University of Florida in wake of three charges of academic cheating...Forget he was accused of stealing a laptop.....Kid can play some ball and Auburn playing for National Championship! Eat your heart out, Miss. could have had him for a mere $180,000.

Wonder if Newton took college courses like those offered to "student-athletes" at University of Binghamton, such as Bowling I... Theories of Softball....Sports Officiating....?

Is there anything more corrupt than college athletics? Well, there's Afghanistan, the US Congress, many regulatory agencies.....Oh never mind.....

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