03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dec. 21, 2009, news update

Democrats round up enough votes-60-to overcome Republican filibuster against health care reform bill. Sen. Ben Nelson was final holdout, but it really didn't take much to bring him around-except for that part about moving US Capitol to Nebraska.

Sen. Joe Leperman's opposition overcome when public option removed. What's that brown stuff on Joe's nose, you ask? Better to ask the insurance companies headquartered in Connecticut.

Leperman also insisted on provision to allow people 55-64 to get Medicare be dropped-even though he himself proposed the same thing earlier this year. Puppet Joe was told they'd be better off with AetnaCare.

Senate version of bill now to be reconciled with House version, by which time very little reform will be left.

One Senator described bill as "starter home, not a mansion." Extending the metaphor, climate change "agreement" in Copenhagen is not a starter home, but a shack.

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhole flies to Copenhagen, holds press conference to denounce climate change as "hoax." That's what's meant by "Something rotten in the state of Denmark."

Inhole also vowed US Senate would never pass "cap-and-trade" legislation. I don't know what that is either.

German reporter tells Inhole, "You're ridiculous." What a refreshing example of media perspicacity.

What's that you say? His name is Inhofe? Oh, sorry, I must have been thinking of something else.

President Obama calls agreement "important breakthrough." He must have been talking about the "breakthrough" of glaciers in Antarctica.

Agreement fails to include binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases, which means you probably shouldn't buy any land in the Seychelle Islands.

But if you think this wasn't a really, really important conference, think again. The New York Post put in on the front page after 20 straight days of Tiger Woods front pages. Probably because they couldn't find link between Tiger and Paula Jones.

Associated Press names Tiger "Athlete of the Decade." In what sport?

Woods also named PGA Tour Player of the Year by fellow golfers. Player seems to be operative term here.

Tiger's wife Elin said to be seeking divorce. Now there's a shocker! Want some more shocking news? South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's wife also seeking divorce. Sanford had said he was ready to "fall back in love" with wife. She obviously didn't reciprocate.

Goldman Sucks said to be considering pay bonuses to top executives in stock, which they must keep for five years... Outgoing Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack foregoing bonus for 2009, saying he'll scrape by on $800,000/year salary. Bankers acquiring a conscience? Or trying to negate bad PR? More likely, hoping to head off British example of levying 50% tax on bonuses.

Memo to US Congress: You paying attention? Tax of 50% on exorbitant bonuses. That's something worth importing...

Most popular arcade game in Great Britain is "Whack A Banker," based on "Whack a Mole." What a great Christmas present!

Time Magazine names Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke "Person of the Year." Nice try, Time, but you still won't get bailout.

When asked to grade his first year in office, President Obama assigns himself a B+. Not a surprise. He was always known as an "Easy A" when he taught at University of Chicago. By the way, the + is for popularizing the fist-bump.