Feb. 12 News Update

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

Darth Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter in Texas. Just confirms what we already knew: He's no straight-shooter.

Cheney gets 35 minutes of air time in interview on "The Newshour." PBS worried about its budget?

World's worst vice president interviewed by world's worst broadcaster. Public Television reinterprets the Interview as RNC infomercial.

Ever wonder why Cheney speaks so softly during interviews? Because he's not telling the truth?

NASA's top climate control scientist says he's being muzzled since speaking out about global warming last Dec. At last--the Bush Administration is finally doing something to curb emissions.

Christian fundamentalists launch campaign to discredit global warming theories. Welcome to the 19th Century.

Muslims stage violent demonstrations around the world to protest against cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammed. Islam on the march--right into the 17th Century.

Iran's largest newspaper announces international competition for Holocaust cartoons. Now there's a mature response. And by the way, did you know the Jews control the banks and the media?

New Fed Chairman Ben Bernancke to make first presentation before Congress on Monday. Congressional translators standing by, hoping for Greenspan-like incomprehensibility.

Attorney General Gonzalez tells Congress electronic surveillance was used to protect national security in the past by Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt. See, Ben Franklin hooked up this kite and then....Oh never mind. He really meant Nixon.

CIA's counter-terrorism chief is fired. Had nothing to do, however, with his opposition to secret prisons overseas and terror suspects undergoing "aggressive questioning," aka torture.

New sex abuse scandal rocks Catholic Church in Chicago after alleged church reforms. Setting an example for Congressional ethics reform?

US Government gets a Cuban delegation evicted from American-owned hotel in Mexico as supposed violation of economic trade embargo. Cubans were drinking too many Cuba Libres?

RNC Chairman says voters dislike "angry candidates" and Hillary Clinton seems to have "a lot of anger." If Hillary runs for president and gets the votes of all the people who are "angry' about the Bush Administration's incompetence and the Republican scandals, she wins in a landslide.

Study shows low-fat diet does not cut health risks.

McDonald futures soar.

New York City--the nation's largest school district--cuts whole milk from its menu. Dairy farmers call for lobbying reform.

Lobbying reform actually under way as House bars former House members who are now lobbyists from House gym. Fat cats to now get fatter?