Feb, 17, 2010, News Update

04/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

FEB. 17, 2010, NEWS UPDATE

President Obama calls blizzard in Washington DC "Snowmageddon." Others call it Snowpocalypse or Capital Crippler. How about just calling it "Newt" since it shut down the government.

Snow very costly for local DC government to remove but beneficial to US taxpayers since Congress closed and unable to engage in customary wasteful spending.

Toyota recalls more than 8 million vehicles, following Nissan's recall of 345,000 vehicles in December. Say Sayonara to image of Japanese automotive quality.

Dem. Cong. John Murtha dies. Cemetery needed extra large grave to accommodate future prospects for tons of pork for his Pennsylvania district which were buried with him.

Lockheed Martin took out full page ad in Washington Post memorializing Murtha. Decision made after Board members stopped weeping.

Scott Brown, Republican, sworn as Massachusetts Senator, replacing Ted Kennedy. Patrick Kennedy says will not run for re-election to House, meaning no member of family in Congress in 2011 for first time in over 60 years. Sic Transit Gloria Kennedy.

Rudy Giuliani gets terrorism facts wrong again, saying shoe bomber incident occurred before 9/11. Rudy, you're lucky your interviewers are as forgetful as you are.

Time Magazine cover last November: "Jay Leno is the Future of Televison. Seriously." Oh really?

Air America goes off the air. Explanation: Progressives read books. Conservatives listen to talk radio.

"Google" named word of decade by American Dialect Society. Not in China.

"Tweet" named word of 2009. But someone has probably already tweeted you about that.

Europe Union facing economic crisis, with Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain all having serious problems, resulting in unfortunate acronym PIGS.

A mouse, two turtles and a bunch of worms walk into a bar.....Oops, wrong joke. They were actually placed aboard a rocket and launched into space by Iran. Hmmmm, maybe that is the joke after all.

TV news anchors usually move their programs to sites of important news events, like Haiti. Brian Williams anchoring from Vancouver. No Katie? No Diane? Nope. NBC is broadcasting Winter Olympics from Vancouver. Could that possibly be the explanation?

Group of Minnesota businessmen puts up billboard with picture of George W. Bush and caption, "Miss Me Yet?" Spokesman says it's supposed to be "humorous." More like scary.

Mardi Gras comes early to New Orleans as city celebrates Saints' Super Bowl victory over Indianapolis Colts. In case you weren't paying attention, horse named Indianapolis ran 4th in 2nd race at Santa Anita on Super Bowl Sunday.

Following victory, Saints' running back Reggie Bush said "God had a bigger plan for New Orleans that we couldn't see three or four years ago." Did Roger Goodell know about that?