06/12/2006 11:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

June 12 News Update

Al-Zarqawi zapped. One dead militant Islamic psychopath does not a victory make. But it sure feels good.

You say you're sorry he wasn't captured alive and slowly tortured to death by Iraqis inflicting excruciating pain? Not supposed to think that way.

Al-Zarqawi's final words as he heard the incoming bomb: "Oh Shi'ite."

For first time in 100 years, date 6/06/06 occurred, so-called "day of the beast" or sign of the devil. But only bad thing to happen was publication of Ann Coulter's new book.

Book goes to #1 on Amazon best-seller list even though Amazon goofed. Failed to list book as fiction.

Internet headline: "NBC News Slanders Ann Coulter."

Impossible. She's beyond slandering.

Coulter feuds with Hillary Clinton. Just another Monica Lewinsky wannabe.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld visits Vietnam. Researching how US screwed up there so he can duplicate it in Iraq?

Vice President Cheney lobbies Senate Judiciary Committee members behind Chairman Specter's back to prevent telco executives from being called to testify in domestic surveillance investigation. Cheney sent American kids to die in Iraq for this kind of democracy?

Same-sex marriage ban and estate tax repeal fail in Senate. President Bush on a roll.

Tom DeLay leaves Congress. House EQ (Ethical Quotient) rises dramatically.

DeLay says he did a "good job." Prosecutors plan to prove him right, showing he did very good job at corruption.

DeLay not going back to exterminating business. Rodents lament kinsman's failure to return.

Rappers complain Oprah disses hip-hop. Score one for good taste.