June 2, 2008 News Update

06/02/2008 04:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan writes bombshell book about Bush Administration, says Bush lied, Cheney lied, Scooter Libby lied. So, what's new?

McClellan calls media "complicit enablers" in run-up to war. Could they possibly have been influenced to some degree by the briefings of Mr. McClellan?

McClellan is blasted personally by Bob Dole, Bernard Kerik, Mary Matalin, among others. If you don't like the message, shoot the messenger.

Hillary Clinton wins big in Puerto Rico primary, notes she has won more votes than anyone ever in the history of primaries. She's won about one fifth the number of votes cast for American Idol. Maybe we should have a sing-off to determine the candidate?

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, the final primaries will take place in South Dakota and Montana on Tuesday. Unless, of course, Hillary suggests campaigning in Canada and Mexico.

While visiting Sweden, Condoleezza Rice joins Kiss Army fan club.
Prelude to rock 'n' roll diplomacy? How about putting Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in a room, play Kiss loudly non-stop, and don't let'em out until they reach agreement.

Veterans Administration caught covering up number of suicides by Iraq War vets. Is there anything that hasn't been corrupted by this war?

Pentagon reports widespread fraud and waste in government contracts in Iraq. Nice to know there's at least one government agency that can always be counted on for consistency and reliability in its performance.

Geraldo Rivera rips Immigration Service for crack-down on illegal immigrants. How dare those guys finally do their jobs?

Texas Supreme Court orders release of children seized from polygamists' sect because raid was overly broad and lacked evidence of sexual abuse, despite marriages of under-aged girls to older men. Aren't judges suppose to exercise judgment?

With gas at $4/gallon, various car companies are offering buyers cheaper gas with purchase. If we are "addicted" to oil, as the president acknowledges, isn't this like the pusher giving drugs to a junkie at a discount?

Actress Sharon Stone suggests Chinese earthquake perhaps linked to bad karma over Tibet. Thank goodness it had nothing to do with homosexuality.

Dunkin Donuts drops ad featuring Rachel Ray wearing black and white kerchief after right-wing New York Post columnist Michelle Malkin says kerchief looks like a kiffeyeh symbolizing terrorism. Hey, Michelle, leave the nutty stuff to Ann Coulter, OK.

New York Times columnist William Kristol chides Barack Obama for making commencement speech exalting public service without mentioning military service. Maybe he was just taking a cue from Dick Cheney.

"Sex and the City" outdraws "Indiana Jones" at the box office. Four sexy women more attractive than one sexy old guy as Manolo's outduel the Whip.