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March 30, 2009, news update

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President Obama rejects bailout money for GM and Chrysler and tells them to go back to the drawing board with their re-structuring plans. Car companies now seeking advice from AIG.

AIG re-names itself A.I.U. Holdings. Is there a negative version of "A rose by any other name....."?

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner forced to resign by White House. C'mon guys, that's not fair. Since Wagoner took over in 2000, GM's share price has fallen 95%. He only had another 5% to go.

Michigan Gov. calls Wagoner "sacrificial lamb." Poor little lamb will have to make do with $23 Million pension.

Chrysler forming "strategic alliance" with Fiat. Lee Iacocca to make a comeback?

President Obama interviewed on "Face The Nation," following appearances on "60 Minutes" (was CBS a campaign contributor?) The Tonight Show, ESPN with March Madness brackets, White House news conference and online news conference, etc. TV bloviators bloviate that he runs risk of being "overexposed." What's really overexposed is the bloviators, as well as over-rated and over-paid.

Aware of the carping, White House sources say Obama will not appear on "American Idol" because he can't sing. But "Dancing With The Stars"...........?????

Online town hall draws 62,000 viewers to White House web site. TV news conference had audience of 40million plus. The tube not done yet.

Online conference flooded with questions about legalizing pot. Obama says he doesn't know what this says about internet audience. What it says is that the internet audience knows how stupid the so-called war on drugs is.

Secretary of State Clinton acknowledges that "insatiable" demand for drugs in US helping to fuel drug-related violence on border with Mexico. Has it occurred to you, Madame Secretary, that the 40-year-old War on Drugs is a bad joke and that legalizing drugs would end the violence and save the US tens of billions of dollars?

Latest popular bloviator is Glenn Beck on Fox, who says if you take what he says as "gospel," you're an idiot. Frankly speaking, if you tune in at all, you're an idiot.

Michelle Obama's organic White House garden criticized as harmful to chemical industry because it discourages use of fertilizers. But we don't want the White House smelling like fertilizer, do we? No jokes, please.

Brazilian President says global financial crisis caused by "white people with blue eyes." NY Post labeled it 'Lula's lulu" by a "Brazil Nut."

Comment came as Obama meeting at White House with Citicorp chief Vikram Pandit (dubbed 'Pandit the Bandit" by Maureen Dowd). Neither white nor blue-eyed. Also, Mr. President, may I introduce you to Kenneth Lewis, head of Bank of America?

Senate group moving to lift travel restrictions against Cuba. Cigar smokers salivating.

Bloviator Bill O'Reilly says he boycotts Sean Penn's movies because he doesn't like his politics. Well then, Mr. O'Reilly, I guess Sean Penn just won't watch your show.