Memorial Day 2010 News Update

06/02/2010 04:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Gulf of Mexico oil spill now worst environmental disaster in US history. But don't expect to see "We're Number One!" in any BP (Biggest Polluter) commercials.

Operation Top Kill fails to stop BP leak. Too bad. Dolphin Kill, Turtle Kill, Pelican Kill and Wetlands Kill all working.

President Obama announces he's extending moratorium on deep offshore drilling permits for at least another six months. It's an ill spill that leaks no good.

President Obama says US government doing everything it can, but it's BP's responsibility to stop the leak and clean up Gulf. In short, we're stuck with them--sort of like President Karzai in Afghanistan.

Could it be that BP is secretly working with Al Qaeda? Not directly.

Daughter Malia asks President, "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?"
Daddy replies, "That's it, Malia. No more watching Fox News."

Fox Noise commentator Glen Dreck uses Malia's question to mock her on his program. Not surprising. An 11-year-old is about his level.

Dreck and other conservatives criticize Obama as "only" President not to go to Arlington on Memorial Day. Hey Glen, how about both Presidents Bush and Ronald Reagan? Time to get a researcher. Besides, Obama laid wreath at military cemetery in Illinois. This is about honoring our war dead, not geography.

Storm prevents Obama from delivering Memorial Day speech. Critics say it served him right. White House says he'll just save it for next year.

Israel faces severe international condemnation after naval commandos kill nine people aboard boat trying to carry aid material, including wheelchairs and schoolbooks, to Gaza in defiance of Israeli naval blockade. Just another case of Israel being Israel.

As usual, United States cravenly blocks Security Council statement condemning Israeli action. Was that decision made in Washington DC or in Jerusalem?

Warning: Before criticizing Israel, you should understand that if you're not Jewish, you're anti-Semitic. If you're Jewish, you're a "self-hating Jew." If you don't criticize Israel, you're intimidated.

Renowned American linguist Noam Chomsky denied entry into occupied West Bank to give speech at Palestinian University. More Israeli democracy in action.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cancels scheduled visit to Washington because of Gaza incident. Obama asking aides, Do we really have to re-schedule?

Rep. Mark Kirk, Republican candidate for Senator from Illinois, acknowledges falsely claiming he received Naval Intelligence Officer of the Year Award. Must have same speechwriter as Dem. Senate Candidate in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, who falsely claimed he served in Vietnam. Both have honorable service records, so why exaggerate? Maybe the brain just gets contaminated by the election process. That would explain a lot of things.

Political consultant claims he had extramarital affair with conservative state legislator Nikki Haley, who's running for Republican nomination for Governor. She denies it. But isn't that one of the prerequisites for being governor of South Carolina?

AIG fires Goldman Sachs. Whatever happened to "honor among thieves"?

Daily Beast survey names Tennessee as most corrupt state in US, followed by Virginia, Mississippi, Delaware and North Carolina. Illinois and New Jersey are contesting the findings.

Duchess of York, Sarah Fergerson, caught in TV bribery sting, asking for $700k for access to ex-husband Prince Andrew. Seems like an awful lot of money for tickets to Wimbledon---even if they are courtside.

Willie Nelson had his long hair cut off. Immediately regretted it when he found out he couldn't smoke it.

Headline: Dennis Hopper Passes Away at 74. Passes Away?.....Passes....? Doesn't anybody just die anymore? Observation by cartoonists Donna and Robert Trussel: "Dennis Hopper Is Dead. He's Seen Worse."


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