12/12/2005 10:35 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

News Update for Dec. 11

After two days of ranting and raving, Saddam Hussein boycotts own trial, now suspended until Dec. 21. How do you say "circus" in Arabic?

Hussein tells judge "to go to hell." Where's Lance Ito when you really need him?

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark joins Hussein's defense team. Lyndon Johnson called appointment of Clark as AG "worst mistake he ever made." And that includes Vietnam.

Hussein says he's not afraid of execution. Not surprising, considering how much practice he's had.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld complains the media report too much on negatives in Iraq. The biggest negative reported by the media is that Donald Rumsfeld is still Secretary of Defense.

White House rejoices as President Bush's approval ratings rise—to 40%. Now only 60% of Americans think he doesn't know what he's doing.

Bush promotes tax cuts for the rich while Republicans in the House approve cuts in programs for the poor. And you thought it was his foreign policy that's all screwed up.

House speaker Dennis Hastert raises possibility of ethics training for lawmakers. How about some morality training?

Government imposes no-fly zone over Vice President Dick Cheney's home in Maryland. Too bad it can't impose a no-lie zone.

Members of the 9/11 commission strongly criticize Bush Administration and Congress on handling of terrorism prevention, saying country is still alarmingly vulnerable. NY Times puts story on page 24.

Commission members give government lots of D's and F's on their report card. Reminiscent of the President's years at Yale.

Bush gets out of jury duty in Texas. Well, he does have some prior experience in the area of getting out of duty.

Venezuelan President Chavez continues to thumb nose at US Government, sends oil to poor people in the Bronx in NYC. Better watch out, Hugo, or we'll get rid of you just like we got rid of your hero, Fidel Castro.

ABC News names Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas to replace Peter Jennings on World News Tonight. World News Too Lite?

Line from conservative comic strip Mallard Fillmore: "Those who do not remember history are condemned to learn it from Oliver Stone."

Stone making a movie about 9/11. Can't wait to find how Richard Nixon became a founding father of Al Qaeda.

Ford Motor Co., faced with boycott by conservative Christian group, to cut advertising in gay-oriented publications. And no more fuschia interiors in its pick-up trucks.

Right-wing Christians grouse about White House sending out "holiday season" cards instead of wishing "Merry Christmas." Forgetting, perhaps, that Jesus was a teen-aged Jew?

Controversy swirls around "Brokeback Mountain," a movie about two homosexual cowboys. What's the big deal? Nobody complained about "Gay Caballero," with Cesar Romero, back in the 40's.