03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nov. 9, 2009, News Update


House passes historic health care insurance reform. Louisiana Congressman Cao pulls an Olympia Snowe-only Republican to vote in favor. Bipartisanship Lives! You CAN be a little bit pregnant.

Rare example of Republican in Congress putting good of country ahead of party lock-step. What, you say, he voted in favor because he's a Republican who won in an overwhelmingly Democratic district because of a Democratic scandal and he figures this vote could help him in the next election? Or because White House wooed him for weeks, promising help for his impoverished New Orleans district? You are such cynics.

You probably don't believe Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman either when he says he'll filibuster a public option provision in the health reform bill "as a matter of conscience," conscience in this case being spelled A-E-T-N-A (giant insurance company which happens to be headquartered in Hartford).

How about this, Dems? Trade Lieberman for Cao and two congressmen to be named later.

Lieberman became an Independent, you recall, after he lost the Democratic Primary in CT. And though he campaigned for McCain, he was still allowed to keep his committee chairmanship in the Senate. But if he filibusters? Mr. Majority Leader, are you aware of the internet "Joe Must Go" campaign? The Grass Roots are rooting-and it's not for Judas Joe.

Republican House leadership organizes rally outside U.S. Capitol to protest against health care legislation. Wonder how many people demanding government stay out of their health care were also complaining about not being able to get their flu shots.

Canadian cartoonist Bado wonders if there's a vaccine against internet rumors about the flu?

House bill includes provision blocking use of federal funds for elective abortions. Would somebody please remind religious nuts that abortion is LEGAL in the United States?

In off-year elections, Republicans win State House in Virginia and New Jersey, but they lose Congressional seat in upstate New York District for first time in 100 years...........Conservative Party nominates its own candidate, regular GOP candidate drops out and endorses Democratic winner. Glen Beck lives. Only sound analysis of election results was that they were over-analyzed.

Mike Bloomberg re-elected as Mayor of New York City. Maybe money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a third term despite term limits-but not by much. Bloomberg obviously good for NY-he pumped about $220 per voter of own money into city's economy.

New York Yankees win World Series. Maybe money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a world baseball championship. And who was that guy who boastfully predicted Philadelphia in 5?

NJ Gov. Jon Corzine loses re-election bid. Maybe money can't buy happiness-but it also can't buy a second term despite his spending millions of dollars of his own money earned at Goldman Sachs.

Candidate Chris Christie's association with Bush Administration deemed less of handicap than Corzine's association with Goldman Sachs? Or maybe that's just what happens when you don't wear a seat belt. In the end, what really happened was that more Jersey voters held their noses for Christie than they did for Corzine.

Newsweek cover on Obama: Yes He Can, But He Sure Hasn't Yet.
Hey, Newsweek, it took George W. Bush 8 years to screw up this country and you expect Obama to fix it all in 8 months? Are we there yet?

President Karzai wins "re-election" in Afghanistan after run-off opponent drops out. Could it be that CIA had something to do with the defection, defection of Abdullah Abdullah. Naaah. Unless they offered him a cut of the drug trade.

USS New York, ship built with steel from World Trade Center in her bow, commissioned in New York. At least something from 9/11 disaster rebuilt since then. What are chances all US forces will be out of Afghanistan by time WTC rebuilding finally completed?

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York blasts New York Times for what he calls anti-Catholic content, singles out columnist Maureen Dowd for a column about the plight of nuns in the church, calls it "the most combustible....intemperate and scurrilous....diatribe." As old saying says, Father, not a good idea to argue with somebody who buys ink by the barrel. And if you don't like her, quit fooling around with a blog. Just excommunicate her!

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