03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oct. 5, 2009, News Update

President Obama and wife Michelle fly to Copenhagen to help Chicago come in last in bid for 2016 Olympic Games. Something rotten in the State of Denmark?

White House hopes he does better on health care reform while staying at home.

Critics complain about wasted trip. Supporters praise effort on behalf of USA. Neutral observers hope White House does better at counting noses in Congress than in IOC.

Chicagoans say this never would have happened if Richard J. Daley were still Mayor, instead of his son.

Decision called "surprise" by US media. Not in Las Vegas, baby. Oddsmakers made Rio de Janeiro the favorite since no Latin American country had ever hosted Olympics. Besides, Brazil is known to be better at bribing.

Entertainment headlines dominate week, thanks to Letterman and Polanski. Except Letterman didn't fool around with 13-year-olds.

Director Roman Polanski, exiled in France, arrested in Switzerland on 30-year-old warrant. French intellectuals and Hollyweirdos protest, adopting Norman Mailer rule that if you're talented, you're above the law. Their argument: All he did was drug, rape and sodomize a 13-year-old girl, then flee the country to avoid sentencing. What eez rrong wis zat? Or, as Bernard-Henri Levy called it, "a youthful error." Besides, it was a long time ago.

Didn't see any of those folks coming to the defense of Catholic priests. Maybe Polanski should have had a pied-à-terre in Vatican City instead of Switzerland.

After failed blackmail attempt, Letterman admits to having had sex with female members of his staff. Nothing funny about that, but audience apparently thought it was some kind of joke, laughed throughout his relating of alleged blackmail story.

Suppose Dave and Bill Clinton might discuss interns next time former President appears on The Late Show? Probably not. Or, as NY Post called it, "the Laid Night Show."

Doubt Dave will come up with a "Top 10 Interns" list ...

Elsewhere on late night TV, Conan O'Brien fell and suffered slight concussion while doing a stunt. Sort of like his ratings...

Comcast said to be in talks to acquire major stake in NBC Universal. Must need major tax write-off.

In other entertainment news, LA Lakers basketball player Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian (she's on cable TV somewhere) get married after one-month courtship. What's the over/under on the duration of this marriage?

Democratic primary in New York City gets 11% voter turnout, 4% in runoff election. Way to go, New Yawkers, that's how to show Iraq and Afghanistan democracy in action.

Brooklyn, NY money manager busted for $40 million Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff's reaction? Amateur Hour.

Yom Kippur observed. Suppose Bernie did any atoning? Naah...