03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer Is My Twin!

What a thrill that Diane Sawyer wore the same super-lightweight parka as me while "reporting" from Afghanistan for ABC News with ex ABC-LA sports reporter, and now war reporting partner, Bill Weir.

But some of us (over 60) remember Diane's turn as a Nixon White House media flack in the early 1970s. And those who do were no doubt as nauseated as was I at her "interpretation" of events in Afghanistan. ABC News apparently has totally abandoned any pretense at editing what its highly paid media stars are filing from the various American war zones hither and yon.

Her first night's reporting from aboard Gen. Stanley McCrystal's command helicopter and their love feast at various places in Afghanistan was almost 100% pitch-perfect Vietnam-era propaganda for the US presence in a war the majority of the American people do not want.

Diane bolstered her case with polling data known only to her, showing a vast love for Americans and even their foreign military presence on the part of the ordinary Afghan people. And, of course, no Sawyer report would be complete without The Children of Afghanistan who were prompted by Sawyer's hard edged questions about their dreams about what American children were like and even how much they love America's armed presence in their country.

This was sheer crap!

But, tomorrow is another day in The Life of Diane ... a Nixon Republican morphed into an American media star ... just like the Reagan Republicans and the Bush Republicans who came after her and made it by becoming propagandists for a more muscular America abroad.