An Amorous Chilean Horse Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

07/25/2012 07:44 am ET | Updated Sep 24, 2012

While filming an upcoming episode of Born to Explore at a ranch near Santiago, Chile, I spoke with Gonzalo Vial, an accomplished horse whisperer known to form close personal relationships with his horses. But what our field producer Andy Ames caught on his iPhone came as a surprise: One of the mares began to hit on our cameraman!

Last time we checked, Greg and the horse were corresponding on Facebook. Their relationship status is "It's complicated"... and it looks like they're going to try to make long distance work despite the fact that their relationship was very physical right out of the gate.

Edited by Stephen Deluca
Filmed by Andy Ames and John Barnhardt
Translator Erin Jelm
Host Richard Wiese