11/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stop Being a Leech

I read the article yesterday about Ann Minch, the woman who made a video to Bank of America telling them to go screw themselves after they raised her interest rate to 30%.

I wonder if she realizes, as some of the commenters pointed out, that she's a leech, a loser, and that it's people like her - the people who want everything for free and don't want to pay for anything - who are responsible for the economic mess we're in. That it's people like her who are personally to blame for the economy and financial industry in this country blowing up and causing the end of this great U S of A to collapse. Just like the those idiots who caused the mortgage crisis.

They spend like movie stars, live on credit, and use their homes like piggy banks to fill their enormous garages with SUVs, buy gigantic flat screen TVs, and decorate their bathrooms with gold plated bidets.

At least some of the people commenting seem to think that.

I know from personal experience what Ann Minch is like. I'm just like Ann - fed up.

Fed up enough to have told my story to the Huffington Post when the housing market crashed and my bank offered us a 13% mortgage and we were subjected to the ludicrous comments by sanctimonious morons who didn't bother to read the article. Cowards who make blanket anonymous statements and have the luxury of spending their day posting unfounded and slanderous lies. I wrote about that here.

How could anyone with a shred of intellect make a statement like "Believe the Founders" did when he said:

Pay off your debt and stop being a ****ing IowIife.
Do you think that in your contractual agreement with BoA over your credit card, that there was nothing in there talking about fluctuating APRs? Are you out of your mind? You must be, since you were carrying a credit card debt of several thousand dollars when all you had in liquid assets is a pathetic, paltry five grand. Absolutely ridiculous.

Brain injuries are no laughing matter, but when does this end? How does raising someone's interest to 30% after they've done nothing but pay make sense to these rubes? How does gouging the very people who bailed them out after their incompetence caused the entire economy of this country to implode make sense? How can an argument for personal responsibility be made in this case?

This is not about honoring contracts. It's not about not wanting to pay a debt. It's about disgust. It's about getting kicked when you're down over and over again and seeing criminals get away with things that even loan sharks would be embarrassed to do.

It's about people making the same mistake and assumption that Alan - freaking - Greenspan did when he forgot the "scum bag" factor in his calculations.

Inevitably it doesn't matter if you diligently play by their elusive and incomprehensible rules while they hang the threat of raising your interest rate or destroying your credit over your head if you so much as sneeze or are five minutes late with a payment. Or that we would wake up one morning in a house that had lost 50% of its value overnight. They've managed to make an already unconscionable and unrealistic situation completely impossible.

The best of us had hope that when we bailed these ungrateful incompetent frat boys out they would do the right thing and that our government would make sure that they did.
Instead they've been allowed to spend millions of our dollars to lobby against the very rules and laws that would protect us.

Not paying your debt and letting your credit score tank seems un-American, but what these banks are doing is completely un-American.

That there are people in this country that would consciously choose to defend those actions is nauseating. Interesting though that many of their profiles show that they are capable of posting thousands of these comments. Makes you wonder what they do for work.

Protests, and underdogs, and David against Goliath? That's American.

As Minch says, "Tea parties and letters to representatives hasn't done squat. We need to form a cyber revolution."

Thank you Ann Minch for your courage and conviction. Thank you for giving me back some hope. At least for today.