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Rick Horowitz
Rick Horowitz is an award-winning writer, and a nationally known writing and editing consultant. He's a winner of two National Headliner Awards for his column, and two Emmys for his imaginative weekly commentaries on Milwaukee Public Television’s “InterCHANGE.” He's also the founder and Wordsmith in Chief of Prime Prose, LLC, providing writing, editing and messaging assistance to a variety of organizations.

Rick has led writing workshops for national, state and regional journalism organizations, newspaper groups and individual newspapers of all sizes. He's been a legislative assistant and principal speechwriter for a member of the congressional leadership, and a special assistant and ghostwriter for the director of a major Washington-based arts organization. He's also served as an adjunct professor of opinion writing at American University, and has been named a Life Member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers.

Rick spent his college days at Brandeis University, dividing his time among the varsity baseball team, the varsity snack bar and the varsity newspaper, where The Rick Horowitz Column made its debut. He also graduated from NYU Law School, and actually worked as a lawyer in a Washington law firm before working on Capitol Hill. He’s even served a stint or two as a commentator for NPR's "All Things Considered."

You can check out Rick’s video offerings on YouTube. You can write to him at

Entries by Rick Horowitz

Turning Refugees Away? "We're Not That Kind of Country!" (Actually, We Are.)

(0) Comments | Posted November 21, 2015 | 10:17 AM

We're America. And sometimes, we're afraid.

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"Transparent" Politicians? We Can See Right Through It!

(0) Comments | Posted November 14, 2015 | 9:17 AM

When The Capitol Dome becomes The Cone of Silence...

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GOP Debate Demand: An Undemanding Debate

(3) Comments | Posted November 7, 2015 | 10:16 AM

The poor dears didn't care for the questions! So now they want changes.

I can suggest a few...

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Misbehaving Cops & Pols: It's Easier in the Dark

(1) Comments | Posted October 31, 2015 | 12:01 PM

Scrutiny? Who needs it?

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Repubs: Still Banging Their Heads Against a Benghazi Wall

(3) Comments | Posted October 24, 2015 | 9:32 AM

They tried -- again -- to take her down. (Guess what?)

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Insulting Donald Trump? Think Again...

(0) Comments | Posted October 17, 2015 | 9:49 AM

The Dems think they're insulting The Donald by calling him "a carnival barker." Not exactly...

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Kevin McCarthy Gives It All Away!

(0) Comments | Posted October 10, 2015 | 10:48 AM

The Benghazi hearings damage a political career. (Hint: It's not Hillary Clinton's.)

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Since When is "President" an Entry-Level Job?

(0) Comments | Posted October 3, 2015 | 9:42 AM

Trump. Fiorina. And a certain surgeon. So what if the shoe -- or even the scalpel -- were on the other foot?

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"Down Goes Walker!"

(2) Comments | Posted September 26, 2015 | 11:15 AM

Fell so far, fell so fast. What happened?

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Jeb Actually Said That About George?!

(1) Comments | Posted September 19, 2015 | 11:13 AM

The burdens of brotherly love...

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Humanizing Hillary: The Endless Quest

(0) Comments | Posted September 12, 2015 | 6:26 PM

"Message: I'm spontaneous."

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The Iran Deal: Less Than Ideal?

(1) Comments | Posted September 5, 2015 | 11:19 AM

You can't always get what you want. (That's why it's called "negotiation"...)

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Gun-Crazed Nation

(1) Comments | Posted August 29, 2015 | 9:32 AM

"We're Number 1!" (We must be so proud...)

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Out-Trumping Trump? Good Luck with That!

(0) Comments | Posted August 22, 2015 | 9:33 AM

Scott Walker tells voters, "I'm a tough guy, too!" (Right...)

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Jeb and Hillary: Trapped by History?

(0) Comments | Posted August 14, 2015 | 9:06 PM

Think it's easy to escape the past?

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Scott Walker's Disappearing Act!

(2) Comments | Posted August 8, 2015 | 9:40 AM

With millions watching, a governor vanishes!

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Tracking Milwaukee's Mystery Lion!

(1) Comments | Posted August 1, 2015 | 11:11 AM

An epic saga deserves some epic poetry, right?

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Sandra Bland: Dying While Black?

(0) Comments | Posted July 25, 2015 | 9:44 AM

It should never have happened...

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Scott Walker Is In! (Try to Contain Your Excitement)

(0) Comments | Posted July 18, 2015 | 11:35 AM

The Pride(?) of Wisconsin makes it official...

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Scott Walker Loves to Keep Secrets

(0) Comments | Posted July 11, 2015 | 2:50 PM

Is that why he tried to gut Wisconsin's open-records law?

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