05/14/2006 06:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joe Lieberman: The Collapse of a Paper Tiger

Nearly every Democrat knows that Joe Lieberman is George Bush's best friend in politics. After seeing Robert Greenwald's newest short, you'll see why Ned Lamont will replace Joe Lieberman in the U.S. Senate, providing for the first time in years a second Democratic Senator from Connecticut and a real voice for progress.

The DVD grew out of conversations I had with Ned a few months ago when he told me that he wanted to take on Joe Lieberman because he could no longer tolerate Lieberman's support for Bush on the war, votes with Bush on the energy bill and Lieberman's consistent lack of understanding of the people he purports to represent. Lieberman is not only out of step with his country, he's out of touch with his constituents.

Robert did his usual masterful job in telling us clearly who Lieberman is: George Bush's favorite Democrat, the only person the Administration can highlight when it wants to show that Democrats agree with Bush. Having Lieberman readily available to shore up Bush's downward spiraling popularity and policies would be bad were he a Republican, but is unforgiveable when he claims to be a Democrat. The DVD also shows that Ned Lamont is not just the alternative to Lieberman, but a really smart, thoughtful, well-spoken leader. In other words, Ned will make a great Senator.

Lieberman is afraid. He's already using Karl Rove's Swift Boat tactics, delivering mail that absurdly claims that Ned is not really progressive. I suppose next Lieberman will stand up and swear that he is not really in favor of the war. Why not lie when the truth simply won't work any more? If it works as well for Lieberman as it has for Bush, we'll have a new Senator in Connecticut in just a few short months.

While Joe sweats and uses old style techniques to hide from the voters, the Lamont campaign goes to the net roots and the grassroots, debuting this DVD on blogs from coast to coast to let voters of Connecticut and the politically attuned beyond those borders decide for ourselves about the facts. My mind is long ago made up: Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat. He's a Bush toady who undermines progress for his own narrow reasons. Ned Lamont is the voice of hope, optimism, clarity and change.

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