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"My Children Can't Afford Another Republican Presidency"

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Does Hollywood have an impact on national politics? If you have any doubt, ask Governor Schwarzenegger. Or the heirs of Ronald Reagan. Oddly, even though they always complain about the Democrats in Hollywood, the Republicans have the greatest success at converting from box office power to the levers of power. That seems to be the case at least in part because they are just better at the dirty tricks that put and keep them in power than are the Democrats. Our Governor would not be in office had some right wing Republicans, whom the Governor says he did not encourage, funded an initiative to recall the sitting Democratic governor who had just been elected.

So Arnold is in office because of, well, a dirty trick. Now, another one is headed down the pike. This one, as I have written, is so insidious because it can make it impossible for Democrats to win the White House in 2008.

But don't listen to me. See what Bradley Whitford says about it here.

Brad is a brilliant actor who is so far best known for his role as Josh Lyman on West Wing. He wrote the script that was so poignant because we filmed Brad at his house, surrounded by his kids' toys and books. Brad says it best: my children cannot afford four more years of the Republicans.

Neither can the world. Please have a look and then join us at Courage Campaign's No Dirty

The experts say it cannot pass. They also said that Gore would win and that the recall would never work. We have three statewide elections in California in 2008. The dirty tricks initiative will be on the June ballot. That'll be after the February 5 presidential primary and before the November general election. The right wing is counting on the fact that virtually no one will vote in June. But with a couple of anti-gay marriage amendments, maybe parental notification and who knows what other base grabbers on the ballot then, this dirty trick to keep the Republicans in the White House for four more years is all they have left. We can only rely on ourselves.

We have to beat this. We have to end the dirty tricks so that we can end the war, the wire taps, and the lies.