04/05/2006 08:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans to Busby: You can Win!

In celebration of the end of Tom DeLay's political career, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee today spent $330,000 or so to buy media time in North San Diego County's Congressional District 50. While they could use that ad time to tout the successes of other DeLay accolytes, such as former San Diego Congressman Duke Cunningham whose new residence keeps him safely behind bars, it looks as though instead they'll do what they do second best (after theft): attack, smear and lie.

Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate there in a special election set for next Tuesday, has a real chance to win in what was formerly thought to be a "safe" Republican District. Francine distinguishes herself from Tom DeLay and her predecessor in many ways, not least because her convictions are of conscience, not of crimes.

I'm not sure all of our own leaders know how important this race is, but the Republicans do. The truth is, with fifteen or so Republican opponents in this race and Republican voters depressed by a Party of cleptocrats falling like flies, Francine can send shockwaves across the continent. Think of the headlines next week: Democrat Upsets Republicans in First House Election of the Year.

Yes, the Republicans are panicking because they believe that Francine Busby can win. But we have a secret weapon: Dianne Feinstein. The senior Senator, whose campaign team has been assiduously amassing cash for her non-race in June, is extremely popular in the Fiftieth Congressional District. Senator Feinstein won that District handily against her Republican challenger last time out. Senator Feinstein has a chance to make a difference, to help win this seat and thereby begin the avalanche we all hope for to win back at least one chamber of the Congress.

While some of us have had our differences with Senator Feintstein, now's the time for her to demonstrate true leadership. Senator, how about taking a quick trip to part of your own state to stand up for one of our own, for the first person to show the country that not only do Republicans implode, but our own good candidates win? Give Francine a hand. Show the Republicans that you share their optimism for Francine.

I hope everyone who reads this will encourage Senator Feinstein to campaign for Francine this weekend. You can reach the Senator at send Senator Feinstein an e-mail or give her a call at 310-914-7300 and ask her to pitch in for a win.

Next Tuesday night can make history. Terminating the Exterminator and putting the Duke's mits in cuffs is half the job. We need good, clean members of Congress to take their places. And we need our own elected officials to lead. That's why they are there, right?