06/23/2015 04:13 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2016

Cassoulet Must Be French for "Bowl of Farts"

While I don't read much "travel literature," I love to read other travelers' blogs and journals. And at the Travelers' Café on my website, we've lots going on right now, with live blogging from my kids (Andy and Jackie in Southeast Asia), my niece (Nicolina in India, with her "Hearts of the World" project), and my favorite partner in travel writing these days, Cameron Hewitt (currently traveling in France).

Cameron co-authors several of my guidebooks, and is one of our most prolific in-house writers. He's reporting from France and boldly sharing his take on places he's researching. Anyone who can write, "The most famous local dish is a bland casserole of beans and old meat called cassoulet, which I believe is French for 'bowl of farts'"... gets my respect. While he loves France, he's not so sure about Carcassonne. Be sure to visit his blog for his frank appraisal, and to enjoy much more of his hard-hitting and insightful reporting.