10/29/2006 10:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Grey's Anatomy Girlfriend Test

I've recently found a quick and sure-fire way see if a girl is worth dating by simply asking her three questions about the television show Grey's Anatomy. It only works on girls who watch the show, but fortunately that includes every girl in America. Now, ladies, you can play along at home!

For each of the following questions, answer either George or Alex. Base your answers on the characters themselves and not the actors who play them. Obviously T.R. Knight, the newly-outed actor who plays George, wouldn't touch you with a ten foot stethoscope no matter how good you look.

* Who would you rather have a one night stand with?
* Who would you rather be in a three month relationship with?
* Who would you rather marry and spend the rest of your life with?

The answer to the first question should be Alex. If you said George, you're lying - Alex is clearly hotter. And if you're lying to me at this point in the relationship, who knows what you'll be doing down the road. Also, if you're not lying, and you would actually deny yourself the pleasure of doing it with someone that attractive, you might have weird puritanical issues with letting yourself go and enjoying things.

The second question is a throwaway question. It can vary based on where you are in your life- whether you have three months to chalk up to harmless fun or whether you're anxious to settle down. Three months is around a dozen weekends. A summer fling. It's trivial. Next question, please.

For the third question, your answer should be George. If you said Alex, you're clearly not good at thinking long-term. Either that or you enjoy being stepped on. And don't tell me Alex has gotten better this season -- we know is roots. Regardless, when you're in your 70's, your looks have faded, and all you have is your better half to sit around and play Trivial Pursuit Genus XXI with, who do you want helping you fill in your pie pieces? George, obviously.