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Russian Buildings Pretty Enough to Eat

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Are we supposed to love or hate Russia right now? Yeah, they hosted a fabulous Olympics; then, less than three weeks later, decided to slice off a piece of another country. One thing's for sure: While Russian borscht is nothing to write home about, some of the great cityscapes are sweet enough to entice even the most Putin-hating foodie. Why let politics get in the way of any tasty tour? After all, as the Russians have no trouble telling the world: bite me!


Raspberry swirl meets dark chocolate and caramel. (St. Petersburg)


The Bolshoi ballerinas aren't allowed to eat -- but you can gorge on their pastel palace. (The Bolshoi Theater, Moscow)


Russian take on the Gingerbread House? (Red Square, Moscow)


Somewhere, a wedding is missing the top of its cake (Smolniy Convent, St. Petersburg)


Pour me a river of chocolate syrup to enjoy this one (Neva River, Moscow)


I would like my three scoops of scenery with extra sprinkles, please. (Novodevichiy Convent, Moscow)


Another cupcake, please -- just go easy on the frosting. (St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow)


This peach pastry just needs some vanilla wafers (Kazan Cathedral, Moscow)


Jell-O has never tasted this good (outside Red Square, Moscow)


Forget the mint icing; I'll take this one with brown sugar (Red Square, Moscow)


A spy's fantasy of the perfect lemon tart? (Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any toothache you may have after viewing these photographs.