02/14/2006 02:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New Health Warning: Pepper Can Cause Heart Attacks

Less than 24 hours after the media assured us that Harry Whittington's injuries were trivial -- despite his extended stay in the ICU -- he suffered a heart attack when a piece of shot entered his heart. As always, Republicans use language to program the media -- in this case, that Whittington was merely 'peppered' -- and the media use the same language to program the public.

Now that the 'pepper' has caused a heart attack, the media's playing along with the programming-by-language game once again. We're being reassured that Whittington's had an incidental, no-big-deal, really-doesn't-matter at all kind of heart attack. The headline on the New York Times website reads 'Hunter Shot By Cheney Suffers Mild Heart Attack.' CNN's website mentions a heart 'scare' and also describes the attack as 'minor.' The Los Angeles Times calls it a heart 'irregularity.'

What if, God forbid, the worst happens to Harry Whittington? No doubt the press will report it as a 'slight fatality.'

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