10/03/2005 03:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ozzy and Harriet

It looks like having a Justice who's loyal and devoted to Bush personally matters more to him than the kind of decisions she'll make, since (if she's honest) that can't be easily predicted. It's even more important than politics, for cryin' out loud, since the Right is screaming. And what could be more important than that? Could it be the belief that at some point in the near future the Supreme Court will be deciding the personal fate of Bush and his cronies?

The Administration's prepared to endure the whining from the Right about her appointment, and even her guilt-by-association ties to current and former Democrats. The only explanation this writer can find for this new-found willingness to endure that particular form of aggravation is ... the strong personal devotion we're told she feels for the President.

When would that come in handy? One instance would be if the Supreme Court is asked to consider the legality of indicting senior Administration officials for war crimes -- which, as we learned during the Gonzalez hearings, is a possibility that the White House took seriously. There are other scenarios where a loyalist on the Court could prove handy, of course, including everything from impeachment-related rulings to corruption investigations. And don't forget the recent reports that Cheney and Bush were involved in the Plame/Wilson dust-up. If there's one thing a Bush knows, it's that it pays to have friends in the right places.

And what did Harriet Miers, a former Democrat, do to find herself so well-trusted? Some would say she made a Faustian bargain, although I wouldn't want to blame this one on Old Scratch. On the other hand, she's displaying a new-found affinity for wearing black robes and engaging in secret proceedings. Could she be connected to the man who gave us ... Black Sabbath?

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