BP CEO's Family Protected By Police. That's Right, Protected, Not Arrested

06/10/2010 10:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Rob Kall Host, Bottom-up Radio Show WNJC 1360, publisher, and

BP execs have been concerned about threats to their safety for the past month, according to a source inside BP's Houston headquarters.

Now, the UK's Telegraph reports that the police are protecting BP CEO Tony Hayward's family. The protection was provided after the family received hate mail and threatening mail.

The Telegraph reported,

Kent Police sources yesterday confirmed there was an "ongoing police operation" involving Mr Hayward's family home but did not disclose the nature and details. The family home is protected by a 12ft high perimeter hedge and has a private access road.

Mr Hayward, the face of BP during the 49-day crisis, was dubbed the "the most hated and clueless man in America" by one American newspaper after several insensitive or over-optimistic comments about the spill.

Across the U.S., protests against BP are quickly multiplying and anger against the catastrophe and the corporation that caused it is rising.

It may be that BP's safety concerns are just beginning. Then, there are the 50% of Republicans and many Democrats and independents calling for police to put Hayward and colleagues in jail, not protection. The shrimpers, fishermen and unemployed oil workers don't have private access roads to their home or work. But the oil from the BP well has found it's way into their lives.