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Explaining How Stolen Elections Keep Obama From Being a Sure Win to a Friend in Tribal Area Pakistan

The world is hoping for an Obama win, but they may not realize just how ugly things will get on voting day and afterwards.

I was instant messaging this morning with our correspondent from Waziristan, Pakistan, Muhammad Khurshid . He's reported that local Pakistanis, plagued by Taliban theofascists and foreign Al Qaeda terrorists, have been praying for Obama to be elected because they believe he'll do a better job of getting rid of the terrorists and Taliban.

He wrote to me this morning,

Muhammad:Today I read the news that Obama is far ahead in the presidential race. I think this is a good news. Obama will win
Sent at 8:08 AM on Sunday

I replied:

me: Yes, good news. But OpEdNEws has published over 12,000 articles on election theft. There are many already visible efforts by the republicans to block access to voting and to steal the election.
Sent at 8:16 AM on Sunday

There's a reason I've published over 12,000 articles on election theft on my website. The US election system is really bad. I'm not talking about how candidates get their money, though that could be improved. I'm talking about stealing elections through manipulation of various factors. There are many ways elections can be stolen. Now, Republicans, particularly law breaking Bush appointees in the Department of Justice, like Alberto Gonzalez, they tend to focus on accusations of inappropriate registrations of voters-- like they're doing now with ACORN. The truth is, ACORN knows it will get bad registrations. ACORN identifies the fake registrations when it submits them. Why? Because they are required to submit th bad ones that they've collected. So, the truth is, they do submit registrations for dead people and Mickey Mouse, but they clearly identify them as bogus. That hasn't stopped the Bush justice department from politicizing the election in a way that is... ILLEGAL. And McCain's team knows all this yet they have cast gasoline on this dimly burning coals. There's a reason. I'll get to it. But first, a bit more from my conversation with Muhammad.

Muhammad: But dear Sir, they could not stop Obama's victory which is certain
me: that's what we thought about Gore and Kerry. Both elections were stolen by vote miscounting in Florida for Gore and Florida and Ohio for Kerry
Sent at 8:19 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: I think this is a serious issue. Can the Dems stop the stealing the election. I think they must do something otherwise it will be disastrous for whole world
Sent at 8:21 AM on Sunday
me: it was disastrous the last two times. The dems are worthless. There were efforts to pass legislation that would prevent election theft. Democrats did not support it and diluted it to make it worse than what we now have, which is terrible. This is one of the reasons the US congress has a 9% approval rating.
Sent at 8:25 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: I am praying that this time the stealers may not succeed this time
Sent at 8:26 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: We want that Obama may succeed and assume the role of a savoir of the world.
me: It has become clear that the McCain campaign is attempting to cast a cloud of suspicion over the election so they can challenge the vote counts in tight state races.
Sent at 8:28 AM on Sunday
me: The obscene thing is that the kinds of dirty elections that have become common in the US are now used all over the world. Instead of the US setting the standard for clean, trustworthy elections, the US sets the example for how to steal elections.
Sent at 8:30 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: Being a civilised country the US, I think, should set high standard. But dear sir, everywhere the leadership is corrupt. Just look to the case of Pakistan. Due to the corruption of rulers now innocent people are being killed or maimed. The system has collapsed completely. The main reason the corruption and greed of rulers
Sent at 8:32 AM on Sunday
me: Same here. When the corrupt in the US do their dirty work, the whole world suffers, as we're seeing with the global economic collapse.
Sent at 8:34 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: You are right dear sir. But I think we can stop these corrupt people
We can change the name of war on terror to the war on corruption
me: Interesting. The problem is, corruption is non-partisan. Republicans AND Democrats here in the US have sold out in so many ways. I'm sure it's the same in Pakistan.
Sent at 8:37 AM on Sunday
Muhammad: Situation in Pakistan is worst as compared to the United States. I think the situation in Pakistan is far better
Situation in Pakistan is worst. And in the US it is far better
Sent at 8:39 AM on Sunday
me: You think so? Has Pakistan started a war with a country that had not attacked it? The USA did. Has Pakistan put over 700 military bases all over the world? Has Pakistan set up financial systems that have sent the world's economic system into a deep recession?
And remember, the US has the people who contributed to the cause of the economic crisis running things. This is insanity.
Sent at 8:42 AM on Sunday

The fact is, although advised otherwise, Gore and Kerry supporters have not "gotten over" the thefts of two elections. And we're seeing in literally scores of signs that the GOP is doing all it can to steal the next election too, including, setting up the narrative with the lies about ACORN.

The challenge for the GOP will be the landslide it looks like Obama could win by. But a closer look reveals that in many states, the win could be very close. This is particularly true in the battleground states, especially Ohio and Florida, where the GOP has proven to be so adept at flipping votes in voting machines, blocking and disenfranchising voters by getting them inappropriately, off voter rolls, intimidating voters, misleading them with robocalls, etc..

That's why the Obama campaign is shooting to win the election without Florida and Ohio. When this is over, one thing will not be much different. The citizens of the US will not be very happy with the congress, which has less than 10% positive rating. Then, hopefully, both democrats and Republicans can put the congress's feet to the fire and insist upon cleaning up the many areas where corruption, dirty politics and dirty finance are rife.

Let's be clear. On election day, we can expect tons of robocalling, misinformation and intimidation, primarily aimed at black voters in battleground states. And afterwards, if Obama wins, we can expact hordes of GOP lawyers challenging close Obama victories in many if not all the battleground states, certainly the ones where elections are close.

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