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GOP Starts Robocall Attack Against Specter; Is Specter Vulnerable as Democratic Candidate?

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So, there I was, sitting in the house in the blue-collar Fishtown section of Philly and the phone rang. He started laughing. "It's a call about Arlen Specter's 2010 campaign," he explained.

Ends up, the NRSCC-- the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee -- sponsored the robocall to attack Specter.

The call plays a series of statements made by Specter which would and should piss off the blue collar, predominantly Democratic residents of Fishtown -- how he opposed pro-union legislation -- for example.

This raises the question -- does the GOP plan to take advantage of the deal that appears to have been cut between Arlen Specter and Ed Rendell, Harry Reid and the PA Democratic party to clear the opposition in the PA Senate primary?

Rendell, Reid and Specter may be feeling safe and comfy with the idea that Pat Toomey will be the GOP opponent. Pretty much any Democratic candidate could beat Toomey. But that's no sure bet. If former PA governor and homeland security head Tom Ridge jumps into the race, there's a good chance Specter will lose -- that almost any Dem candidate will lose.

Pennsylvanians will vote for the real deal. If a strong Republican candidate running as a Republican runs against a weak Republican candidate running as a Democrat, the real Republican has a strong chance of winning. With Specter already showing his true GOP colors, voting against the Democrats on the budget, it's clear that the strongest grassroots activists will NOT be out knocking on doors to elect a Democrat in Name Only, (DINO).

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