McCain to New York Times: Dammit My Friend, Can't You See? I Am Right, Obama's Wrong. Let Me Repeat...

07/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Rob Kall Host, Bottom-up Radio Show WNJC 1360, publisher, and

Senator McCain is beginning to show us what a McCain presidency will look like and it ain't pretty. It's creepy.

Not surprisingly, the right wing echo chamber is demonstrating what it will act like, with its latest clueless demonstration, proving that Fox News and the Drudge Report are good at what they do -- echoing talking points and delivering messages -- but short on the goods when it comes to even getting what it means to function as a journalistic operation.

Earlier this week, Obama sent the New York Times an op-ed ahead of a speech, one that contained new ideas and information. The New York Times opted to run it.

McCain sent a print version of what we've been seeing on TV since Obama started on his massively successful, slam dunk overseas tour. The McCain piece was a poorly written, painfully repetitive recitation of his anti-Obama, "I was right on the surge and he was wrong and won't admit it" rant. I was going to say talking point but it's no longer just a talking point. McCain looks desperate and frustrated when he launches into his tirade how, and annoyed that "we" are not getting it, not lapping up his bromides and understanding how right he is.

The problem is, his message is now falling on ears that have been updated. It's an old, stale message that doesn't seem to be working. Right on Surge, Obama Wrong. Yadda yadda yadda.

So what?! He's been right on how to get out and Maliki has repeatedly confirmed that this is what the Iraqis want. Oh? You say Maliki doesn't know what he wants or what the Iraqis need?

Just imagine what a president this kind of inability to let go, this obtuse, stuck, inability to recognize the fact that the situation has changes, that the vectors in play have changed. McCain seems imprisoned within his brittle inflexibility, stuck with his limited range of ideas. Look familiar? It should. It's the G.W. Bush modus operandi sans a pitbull Dick Cheney type to drive it through.

Even the right wing echo chamber players who are having fun thinking they are beating up on the New York Times don't get it that their attacks, while they may play to their usual Kool-Aid marinated base, are clearly seen as clueless by any and all of the players in the real media, in the real journalistic world -- both publishers and writers alike.

I publish a medium sized website and routinely encounter rank amateurs who declare that their freedom of speech is violated if their poorly written articles are rejected. Sorry. You have the right to speak or write hackneyed or badly written pieces. We don't have to publish them. Real media operations realize that. Faux media are so accustomed to accommodating the people and organizations they serve that they demonstrate their cluelessness with their smarmy remarks and indignation that McCain's repetitive hack writing was rejected.

I give the New York Times extra credit for NOT publishing the McCain piece. It might have sold some extra papers, but it would have definitely NOT been up to the standards the New York Times holds for writing. You can read it, here, on the Drudge Report. Ironically, now that the piece of writing has become news as an object, it would be appropriate to publish it, but not as an op-ed, instead, as the document that was rejected.

Of course, it is totally unrealistic to think that the right wing echo chamber organizations (I am loath to call them media) will ever actually report that this is actually another blunder by McCain and his handlers. It will be interesting to see if the more moderate media -- the big three networks and CNN will follow MSNBC in mocking the indignation that Fox News and the Drudge Report have demonstrated.

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