A Bombin' Nation

05/25/2011 11:45 am ET

This poster evolved out of charting Dick Cheney's increasingly apoplectic addiction to oil and World Domination. As his frustration grew over the embarrassing search for fake reasons to invade Iraq—phantom WMD's, for instance—I could just see his inner Enronergizer Bunny popping out of his skull and, in a form of karmic payback (known mostly to old stone cold hippies like myself and the mushrooming members of Hip-Hop Nation), dropping bunnyshitbombs all over him. After all, his vision of America is A BOMBIN' NATION! The little animated movie is designed for guerrilla street projection—we'll drive around LA and other cities on our A BOMBIN' NATION tour, firing it up 40 feet high on building walls out of our bio-diesel vans--say, a crunkin Saturday night, 11pm on Sunset Boulevard in Lalaland, Lincoln Center in NYC, the Pussycat XXX Theater, 5 blocks from the White House in DC and coming to a street corner near you---that sort of thing, aight? Soon, very soon...(actually, the Bunnies'll be Bombin' at the Anti-War demo's on Saturday!).

A Bombin' Nation bill's final-.jpg