04/12/2013 11:01 am ET

Robbie Conal on the ImageBlog

"Gandhi" street poster in NYC, 2002, part of the poster triptych "Watching, Waiting, Dreaming". Post 9-11, I was so freaked out by our govt's knee jerk, "cowboy revenge" attack on Iraq—the Twin Towers and the people in them going down was quite enough for this citizen, thank you very much. But we as a country, went hog wild—perhaps exposing a little too much of our true nature. I kept thinking, "What if Gandhi were watching us—say, he was on every street corner, just staring. What if the Dalai Lama were too? Just WAITING for us to get hip to some other, non-violent way to make social and political change in the world! And MLK, Jr., still DREAMING? I did a triptych of them, translated them into street posters and went on a national road trip.

A volunteer from NYC sent me this shot afterwards. One of my serendipitous favorites of our man having a hard time believing what he sees! (I was there but not on her postering crew that night). >>About Robbie Conal