Where Was McCain's Flag Pin?

11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Robbie Gennet Writer of words and music, rider of waves, author, educator and world traveler.

Seeing as how the Republicans make a big stink about people wearing flag pins to show their patriotism, it was a curious omission to McCain's wardrobe. Maybe after his POW ordeal, his patriotism is so unquestionable that he can boldly eschew the flag pin? Either way, didn't sink or save him. He can sink on his own just fine.

On health care, McCain talks a lot about his $5000 tax credit but says nothing about doing anything to help control prices. So that $5000 tax credit might be worth increasingly less for health care under McCain as the dollar declines and insurance companies continue to raise rates and exclude people. Seems on the "free market" everything is not so free. Make no mistakes, McCain's plan will not just help but encourage companies to drop their employees health coverage. This would be devastating to our labor force, to working families, to me and you.

And lastly as to John McCain always claiming he will "take them on" in Washington, he always sounds like he's going to go in and bare-knuckle brawl with every member of Congress. I imagine a boxing ring set up on the floor of the Senate and Friday Night Fillibuster Fights being broadcast on C-Span. Taking everyone on sounds extremely confrontational and aggressive, perhaps even megalomaniacal. Obama's rhetoric is much cooler and assuaging, giving us the impression of a man who will build bridges, not throw up their dukes and pose threats to friends and enemies alike. That My Way or the Highway business just won't fly anymore and McCain's attempts to act tough just show that he'll continue the bull-headed bluster and bravado that's lost us so much credibility in the world. That attitude is something our country just cannot afford more of at this crucial time in history. Out with the Bush Belligerance- in with the Obama Oratory!

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