05/20/2013 11:44 am ET Updated Jul 20, 2013

Wonder Alert: August 2004


"The warrior's art is to balance the terror of existence with the wonder of existence." -- Don Juan Mateus

The Planetary Wonder Agency has raised the Global Wonder Alert to Emerald, due to the following confirmed intelligence: Yesterday, there were 75 billion acts of kindness on the planet. Two billion wounds were dressed. There were 38 billion hugs, 89 million doors were held open, and 120 million people let others pass in traffic.

"I love you" was said 44 billion times in more than 200 languages. There were 1.2 billion births among several thousand species. There were some 22 billion acts of benevolent teaching and learning both in and out of schools. Some 87 million potentially violent actions were refrained from through changes of heart and mind. Over 300 billion known breaths were taken and there were an estimated several trillion heartbeats. Be on the look out and report all acts of wonder to everybody.

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