03/25/2013 03:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2013

Reese and Allendya: Atlanta, Nov. 2012


I'm in the office supply store on my way home, paying for my items. Allendya and I talk, and I tell her that I'm a photographer working on a film in town. She brightens up as I say this. "What about you?" I ask.

"I'm very much into photography and filmmaking," she exudes. We talk some more, as there are no customers behind me, and l tell her some of my credits and how I essentially turned a hobby into a successful career. I tell Allendya what Tommy Causey once told me Warren Beatty told him regarding his inner desire to direct: "Start before you're ready."

I can see her taking this in. I give Allendya my card and invite her to keep in touch. On my way out of the store, Reese, who greeted me when I first came in, asks me if I found everything I needed. I ask her, "What would you ideally like to be doing in five years?"

"Singing and performing," she says. "But I have a hard time singing in front of people. I can dance and do other things OK, but singing is hard for me."

We talk about this for a bit, and I tell her about how Woody Allen speaks of the courage needed to perform or speak in front of people. I also tell her what Mike Moyer's grandpa once told him: "You belong in any room you walk in to."

I tell Reese how these words have been very empowering for me through the years. At one point, Allendya comes over, and I say, "We could open a production company right here with all the talent in this store!" They both smile and like this. Really, all I want is to acknowledge these young women and their dreams and abilities, and hope to in some way encourage them. I ask if we can make a picture and they agree, and I say, "Better cover up your store logo on your shirts, just to be safe."

They do so, and it looks like they are pledging allegiance, hopefully to themselves and their dreams.

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