1,200 Crosses Say No to Afghanistan War

08/11/2010 06:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The movement to rethink the Afghanistan War is picking up steam. In response to the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives on a disastrous policy, public opinion has turned decisively against the war. People are making their opposition heard in communities all over the country. We're proud to see that Brave New Foundation's Rethink Afghanistan documentary has become an organizing tool for everything from local screenings of the film, to hundreds of Meetups to Rethink the Afghanistan War and other public demonstrations.

The Aug. 8 demonstration in Santa Barbara, California, organized by the local chapter of Veterans for Peace, is just one example of the growing discontent and the creative actions put together by local activists to express it. From the KEYT story:

The recent wave of violence and rising American deaths in Afghanistan are causing many people in Santa Barbara to rethink their attitude toward the Afghan War.

That was the theme of a major demonstration at the beach today.

More than 1,200 crosses were set up on the beach next to Stearns Wharf. And the strong public reaction to the memorial may be an indication that more and more Americans are actually beginning to rethink Afghanistan.

This powerful action and the public response to it shows that people understand that the Afghanistan war isn't making us safer, and it isn't worth the costs. We're extraordinarily proud of the Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace chapter, just as we're proud of the more than 42,000 people working together and organizing on Rethink Afghanistan's Facebook page.

If you want to get together with your neighbors to organize against the war, join or host a Rethink the Afghanistan War Meetup. You can plug into the larger Rethink Afghanistan movement on Facebook.

It's going to take all of us working together, online and in our local communities, to end this war. We've got a great start already. We hope you'll join us.