Ex-CIA agent: Argument that Afghanistan War Makes Us Safer is "Bulls**t"

09/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The war in Afghanistan is increasing the likelihood that Americans will be killed in a future terrorist attack.

Part 6 of Brave New Foundation's "Rethink Afghanistan" documentary series brings you three former CIA agents on the record to explain why.

We were told that we went to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists there, so we wouldn't have to fight them at home. That was eight long years ago. What about today?

Here are the facts:

Today, Al Qaeda no longer exists in Afghanistan. Defeating their erstwhile allies, the Taliban, will do nothing to stop terrorist attacks on the U.S., because the Taliban has never aspired to attack Americans on U.S. soil.

Yet, because of the U.S. occupation, extremists are being pushed across the border into Pakistan, creating the very real risk of nuclear-armed terrorist cells.

There is no "victory" to be won in Afghanistan. There is only the prospect of further destabilization of Pakistan, increased hostility against Americans throughout the Muslim world, and an increased likelihood of future terrorist attacks on the United States.

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