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Time to Rethink Afghanistan

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It's the economy, stupid, with help from the New York Times. The war in Afghanistan continues to escalate, and more are killed each day -- CIA, soldiers, and civilians in Afghanistan.

And while the United States spends billions the Chinese are building industry, jobs and good will.

As the Times detailed, the Chinese government is focused on strengthening its access to resources it needs to keep its industry functioning, and providing jobs for the people in Afghanistan. China is focused on effective security rather then invading, occupying and wasting billions.

Mining cooper and coal, providing work for Afghans, building up infrastructure in the country, all being done by the Chinese.

It is a critical time for the United States to break the grip of a philosophy that the military has a solution for social, economic and education problems.

In my time in Kabul I was struck by the desperate needs that the third poorest country in the world has. They are evident on every block, in every home, in every school. And yet, unlike the Chinese, we are spending a million per troop to occupy.

Join us at Rethink Afghanistan. We need help from everyone to break the hold of military thinking.